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The fastest and simplest way to work with sales. Just the right information at the right time.

" cut at least 40% of my CRM admin time, and the company's service is close to that of a good spa!"

Chrysanthos Chrysanthou, Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services

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Using is like having an assistant helping you to remember things. What leads did you forget last week? Is Burt still the main contact at Acme Inc? What is the most important thing right now? When you install you get access to a wide array of customisable cards and the possibility to build new - all to make you the calmest sales person of the month.

Consumer grade UI

The user interface salesforce deserve with lighting fast search, easy navigation, and one click logging calls, entering notes, and adding new data.

Focus on the right things

Be reminded of people you forgot, opportunities that went overdue, or deals where you dropped the ball. Be alerted on the most important things right now.

Be a better sales person

Great salespeople don’t only close deals; they hand over things well, enter the data needed for forecasting and analytics, and they never forget anything.

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Plays well with others

Do you use InsightSquared, Infer, Zendesk, DocuSign, Yesware, ToutApp, Totango, Marketo, or other Salesforce tools? They'll be even more powerful together with

Super Customizable is web platform on top of, allowing you to build a unique experiences: what objects, fields, actions, reminders, and even layout you should get.

Secure & under your control

Sales data is never sent to or stored on the servers. The sidebar and Sales Ops Console connect directly to the CRM using a secure connection. You control permissions, access, and roles from