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Brisk builds a personalized to-do list from all your sales data.

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"Brisk helps us to focus our priorities on our high-value prospects. It's like a smart to-do list with alerts."
– Emma Page -
Director of Worldwide Sales at Evernote

Brisk has increased productivity for the smart people of

Brisk builds a personalized, prioritized sales to-do list, which even helps you do things faster. Plus it’s free.

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What are people saying?

“Awesome tool - truly saving me countless hours a week!”

Christopher Herms,
Sales Executive EMEA, Evernote

Case study

“Our process efficiency has skyrocketed with Brisk.”

Joe Pattersson,
Sales Manager, TrademarkNow

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“Brisk decreased our response time and helped us to clean up old records.”

Joe Ryan,
Senior Account Executive, Intercom

Case study

“Brisk has made it so much easier for our sales team to use our CRM, in turn giving them more time to be where they need to be: in front of their clients.”

Zachary Packer,
Sales Operations, SayMedia

“Brisk serves the most relevant Salesforce data to the salespeople and makes it exceedingly easy for them to keep their room clean.”

Dan Ross,
Sales Operations Manager, Optimizely

“Helped me clean my pipeline, and streamline sales. If I could I'd give it 6 stars!”

Brandon Till,
Sales Development, Trustpilot

Brisk is free and easy to install.

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