CRM usage tuning for Sales Operations

Track and improve your CRM’s health by distributing
actionable tasks to the right people at the right time. cut at least 40% of my CRM admin time, and the company's service is close to that of a good spa!

Chrysanthos Chrysanthou, Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services Monitors

Keep track and get alerts

Get an overview of and track CRM usage, data coverage and anomalies. Set up monitors for your own specific KPIs and usage metrics, on both standard and custom Salesforce objects. will give you improvement suggestions and alert you of things that need your immediate attention.

See more of the Monitors is the first tool that makes it easy for sales people to solve data issues and empowers managers to follow up on it. It informs us about the issues at hand and allows us to solve them with speed.

Kenneth Wagner, Head of Sales & Marketing Effectiveness, Mynewsdesk Sidebar

Distribute actionable work

In the sidebar team members get notified of issues detected by the monitors with an easy way to fix them. They can easily input and update data in a clutter-free interface.

Administrators can create campaigns to focus the team on a certain area, or poke individual users.

Get to know the sidebar save us so much time as it is now a common user interface for multiple services we use in the sales process. We are much more informed and use the CRM to a much better extent thanks to this.

Elisabeth Wicklin, CEO, Agentum

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